Decrypt SFTP credentials

If a Registry has selected SFTP credentials as the access method for a particular TLD, you will need to use your private key in order to unlock and view the credentials. Before you can make any requests, the CZDS site will force you to generate a key and you will need to save it. You must have the key handy when you want to view SFTP credentials.

 an animated screen capture of the drag and drop process

Drag and drop your key

  1. Scroll to the area labeled Zone Data Files.
  2. Physically drag the private key from your computer into the Request details area, as pictured here.
  3. Drop the key in the area which says "Drag your key here to unlock"
  4. The decryption process can take up to 2 seconds, although many browsers finish instantaneously.

Paste your key

  1. Scroll to the area labeled Zone Data Files.
  2. Open your private key file and copy the contents of it to your clipboard.
  3. Paste the contents of the key into the text area underneath the Unlock button
  4. Click Unlock
  5. The decryption process can take up to 12 seconds in older versions of IE

Please note that the requests you place after creating your key will be encrypted for the key you created. If you lose the key, CZDS can not create the same key again. Therefore you will not be able to decrypt files requested. After creating your key, please store it at a location you will be able to reach afterwards. If you lose the key, create it again before making new requests because the new key cannot be used to decrypt files you receive before creating it.